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Devin & Poetry




have been writing poetry since about the 4th grade. Poetry has a very interesting origin story in my life. The name Devin is of gaelic and irish origins meaning "bard" or "poet". I did not know that until about a year after I started writing poetry. The rest you could say is history. I have worked on many projects over the last decade. Ranging from a multitude of different blogs, myspace, tumblr, and instagram. 

My Empty Face

For awhile I had given up on writing. I was in a bit of a rut. I took a creative writing class in High School that changed that. Roy Roberts, the teacher of that class assigned us to create a chapbook. I then took up to 11 creating a chapbook that documented a lot of personal feelings and personal struggles with identity and feeling like I belonged. 

In July of 2010 as I was entering my senior year of high school I embarked on a poetic journey. I wrote a poem (or 12) a day for 365 consecutive days. The journey was long and I wrote some very interesting and at times dark poems. The blog is still up and running, but there hasn't been any new posts since July 27th 2010.

The Sunday Mail

This blog became the successor to 365 Days. This one did not run as long, but it got to experience the early stages of my young adulthood a two year relationship ended, and I had to move on from that. There's a slight shift in my style as I grew closer to my confessional style of poetry that is my trademark now. 

The Cup's Half Empty | The Cup's Half Full

My Second Chapbook, my first solely digital. I created this in the wake of my ex girlfriend breaking up with me after having graduated from High School. It was a final cry, and shows the continued shift into my confessional style of poetry. There are some volatile lines in this piece.  


After I felt that I had failed at become a blogger, and after I gave up Tumblr. I started working on PoetryZoo where I connected with a few poets from around the world. Here I finally sat down and accepted the ease of work in confessional poetry. I also experimented with short form poetry as well. 

The Living, Dying, and The In-Between

The quarter life is a time where confusion abounds. Life takes twists and turns that lead one into dark corners of thought. Poetry is an open door allowing someone to share the deepest of emotions. In this collection of poetry filled with thoughts on life, college, relationships, religion, and the future; we go on a journey through the mind of a college student as he tries to figure out what is important in life.

Writer's Cafe

I took to a new forum for awhile more as an experiment. I don't actively post here or on PoetryZoo. I started working on a new collection that has taken a back burner for school and a lack of muse for where I was going with it. 

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