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I have a basic understanding of Adobe Audition. Being able to edit audio files and prepare soundbites for news productions or spots for radio productions. 


I am able to set up studio equipment as well as sound on a small scale. 


Here embedded are examples of spots and radio commercial that I made for an advanced audio at Lindenwood University during the fall of 2014. 


Here are some recordings of poems that I did in the KCLC recording booths in the basement of Lindenwood University's Spellmann Center. 


The first collection was recorded in late 2014. The second collection was recorded on February 1st 2016.




During my time at Lindenwood University I got to experience life behind the scenes at a TV Station. LUTV's studio runs an AVID house giving access to a decent studio space a control room and equipment for the field. 


I have experience in Technical Directing live newscasts, color balancing, and correcting on the fly, and running command prompt. In the spring I'm hoping to learn how to direct. 


Within the spring semester of 2015 I took part in a class that went through rigorous training in writing, and producing news content to be aired that same day. 


I have had the opportunity to produce and direct two Mixed Media shows. These shows werein an area of intereste that I have always had, music.


These two shows stretched my abilities as a producer and director. 


The first show, was about my college roommate. He is a musician and a member of the same church that I went to. I had him come in and play an original song, as well as talk about his faith and how it affects his music. 


In my time as a culture writer for the Lindenwood Legacy, I came across a band known as "Show Me", after a time the band changed their name to "Fairway". It took awhile to get this show produced due to scheduling issues, but I finally got two of the members to come in and talk for a 30 minute show for the Mixed Media brand.


The show consisted of a 14 minute interview segment and a 14 minute performance set. Pierre Jahn did a great job keeping the audio balanced. My crew for this show did a great job and it turned out beyond my expectations. Easily one of the most fun and challenging shows I have done during my career at Lindenwood. 

Mixed Media

I have been making videos for years. I've recently begun to master AVID and it's products. Having used AVID in my TV News production courses, I have also used it to create creative videos as well. 


I am also fluent in iMovie and will use that on occasion when I'm working on simple projects. 


I enjoy filming in general and editing and am looking for work in these areas as well. 


In my time at Lindenwood University I was trained as a technic director, basic audio engineer, command and graphics operator, director, producer, editor, and camera operator. 


I got to use a lot of these talents while working on this rough short documentary called "Fall of Man: Rise of a Post-Apocalyptic LARP". This project is rough, and there are some imperfections, but I feel as though I learned a lot in the process. I have a better understanding of some of Avid's more complicated featuers. 


This project was an opprotunity to turn passion into artwork and explore something that many people don't know about, while also broadening my horizons as a filmmaker. 


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